SSB Battery recycling

SSB Battery recycling

Battery-Kutter offers a lot more than a complete range of high-performance batteries – they also take their own batteries back.

Battery-Kutter´s returns scheme manages the safe disposal of batteries as part of their commitment to a cleaner environment.

Collection and disposal of batteries


The battery ordinance sets out the rights and obligations of manufacturers, sellers and consumers with regard to batteries in great detail. Set out in layman's terms, the following regulations apply to the products we offer:

As a seller of batteries and rechargeable batteries - or of devices that contain batteries and rechargeable batteries - we are obliged to inform you of the following:

1. According to the ""Regulation determining the collection and disposal of batteries and rechargeable batteries"", batteries must never be disposed of with ordinary rubbish.

2. The end-consumer is obliged to return used batteries to a distributor or at one of the official battery collection points.

3. Please make use of the free collection service for your used batteries at collecting boxes or public collection points - such as local waste disposal units.

4. Batteries and rechargeable batteries displaying the symbols listed below, and which were either acquired through us, or are being replaced by batteries acquired through us, can be sent to us by free-post for to be disposed of free of charge. Bear in mind that used batteries and rechargeable batteries must be properly and safely packaged, with the contacts secured (to prevent risk of fire).

5. Batteries and rechargeable batteries that contain toxic chemicals are marked with one of the following symbols


6. In addition, the toxic substance is given below each symbol:

6. 1. Pb for lead
2. Hg for quicksilver
3. Cd for cadmium

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