SSB Battery range

SSB Battery Anwendungsgebiete

Large battery range

SSB Battery offers battery ranges for short discharge times in high-power UPS applications as well as models with extended autonomy time in emergency and safety lighting applications.

The SSB Battery range also includes a large selection of VdS approved batteries.

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SSB Battery characteristics

SSB Battery Eigenschaften

The benefits at a glance

By using unique construction and sealing technologies paired with the latest glass fibre mat technology, premature dehydration of SSB batteries can be prevented and battery life extended significantly.

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Battery segments

SSB Battery Anwendungen

Multiple usage

SSB batteries are used in a wide range of installations by major manufacturers, and across diverse industries and applications, including security lighting, backup power systems/UPS installations, fire detection and burglar alarm technology, access control systems, CCTV, vending machines, rehab technology etc.

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